Solar Air Conditioner

Connect Min. two Panels Runs On Solar Power & AC Power


Solar Air Conditioner

8 Reasons to choose our brand Mr COOL

1. More than 20 years in air conditioner manufacture field, indepentend R&D, owns many technical patents, provide professional technical support and after sales service by our experts of PV and air conditioner.
2. Full series including wall split type, cassette type, ceiling floor, duct type and multi zone type, totally 6 series with more than 30 models, meet your different requirements.
3. three main solar air conditioner, including on grid unit, off grid unit and on/off grid unit, meet the requirements for different places.
4. Adopts full DC control technology, more stable system, higher efficiency, more energy saving.
5. Special upside-down mainboard installation. Easy maintenance, dust free, moisture proof. This special design makes the dust and moisture cannot stay on the mainboard, improve the efficiency and prolong the lifetime of the mainboard. Very suitable for heavy dust and humidity countries like middle east, Africa and Seaside countries.
6. Special outdoor fan motor dust-cleaning function when you power off the air conditioner, the outdoor fan stops, but after few seconds, the fan will reverse running for few seconds, blow out the dust and moisture on the condenser, make self-cleaning, improve the efficiency and prolong the lifetime on the air conditioner. This special design is very suitable for heavy dust humidity countries like middle east Africa and seaside countries.
7. Built-in MPPT control technology, maximum utilize the solar power. AC & DC dual power source, always use solar power as priority, main AC power and Solar DC power complement. Even when sunshine is not sufficient, the built-in MPPT control technology track the max. Pv power, this ensured when the sunshine is not that strong, the system can still utilize the solar power, helps the system make max. energy saving.
8. Use standard PV panel, series connection minimun 2x300w and maximum 9x300w.


Solar VRF Central Air Conditioner
On Grid/ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner
On Grid Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Multi Head Type
Off Grid DC 48V 100% Solar Air Conditioner

All Models

Thermal Boosted Inverter Air Conditioner Wall Split Type
Thermal Boosted Inverter Air Conditioner Cassette type
Thermal Boosted Inverter Air Conditioner Ceiling Floor
Thermal Boosted Inverter Air Conditioner Duct type


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